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More and More People Are Choosing To Rent Instead of Buying in the Current  Real Estate Market

So Now You Are Renting and We Are Here To Help You Find A Great Rental and An Awesome Landlord

More and more people are deciding to rent  instead of buy in 2018. And why not? The market is has been like a roller coaster in many parts of the country. Whether you are retiring and looking to rent for the first time in decades, saving up for your own property, or renting because it fits your lifestyle we can provide you advice and tips to make it a good experience.

There Are Lots Of Good Landlords Out There And They Want  To Rent To You!

The good news is there are lots of professional and service-oriented landlords out there with nice properties who are looking for people like you to rent from them.  You can see from all the landlords on this site that these good landlords are knowledgeable, business minded, and know how important it is to find long time, paying tenants.

Unfortunately There Are People Who Don’t Take Being A Landlord Seriously And Don’t Know Their Responsibilities

There are also landlords out there who don’t treat their rental business as a real ‘business’.  These landlords who aren’t aware of their rights and responsibilities can lead to a very stressful and chaotic tenancy.

Make Sure Your Rental Experience Is Successful!

With Our Tenant Services You Get: 

The Tenant Forum

One of the biggest tenant forums in the world, this is a place for you to network with others who are renting. Many tenants have told us that it’s nearly impossible to get “real deal” advice for the “real world” issues they face. So called “hotlines” and “representatives” only give basic information and don’t provide the realistic help good tenants need when dealing with landlords who don’t know their responsibilities.

Share tips, advice, and join a fast growing community of people who are renting. We have a new and improved tenant forum where tenants can share tips and advice in a safe space.  There is a huge number of people who have contributed to the forum before and are back to network and help you deal with any problems you might face. The whole purpose is to help great tenants understand and appreciate all the great landlords out there and how to deal with that small percentage who are not fair and make all landlords look bad. Renting should be a win-win situation for tenants and landlords!


The 5 Hour CD Series “Help For Good Tenants To Find Great Landlords and Amazing Rental Properties”

Put together by both our Tenant Community Leaders and Experienced Landlords this is over 5 hours of helpful information and advice to make sure you succeed while renting. This is a Game-Changer!

CD 1 – Preparing (and Budgeting) For A Year Of Renting

One hour of how you can get ready to rent. This includes expert tenants telling you how to budget properly and prepare to rent. Prepare for any potential hidden costs and make sure you start out right!

CD 2 – Looking For A Place To Rent: How To Find The Gems Out There

One hour of information to help you find the right rental property. With vacancy rates very low in many areas it’s important to know how to locate a rental you will feel comfortable in and which suits your needs.

CD 3 – How To Make Sure You Are Renting From a Good Landlord

Finding a good landlord who knows their rights and responsibilities is a key part of a successful tenancy.  Good landlords will screen you carefully (as they are professional and want to protect other tenants if they have a multiplex) and they want you to screen them! We’ll tell you how to find a good landlord or property manager to make sure avoid stressful problems during your tenancy.

CD 4 – How To Maintain A Mutually Respectful and Happy Relationship With Your Landlord

Life is tough enough as it is. Whether you are just starting to rent if you are a senior who has sold your house and wants the convenience of renting you don’t want additional stress as part of your busy life-style

CD 5- How To Deal With Any Problems Or Disputes With Your Landlord

While we all hope for a terrific business relationship the reality is that sometimes problems come up. So if you and your landlord have a dispute what’s the best way to handle it? In this over one hour CD we discuss this and provide tips and advice.


Discounts On Key Services For Tenants

We are working with new partners to offer discounts on services useful to tenants.  With huge discounts on services such as moving companies, storage, furniture, and lots more.  We will email you with tons discounts and coupons every month.

More and More People Are Choosing To Rent Instead of Buying in the Current  Real Estate Market.

So Now You Are Renting and We Are Here To Help You Find A Great Rental and An Awesome Landlord

(Please note you will be required to verify you are a tenant by showing us a current copy of your rental agreement and those who cannot provide this will not be allowed to have access to our essential tenant services)