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Get The Tools and Expertise You Need To Achieve Success and Profits As a Landlord

Being a Landlord Can Be Challenging…It Can Also Be Very Profitable… Get the Tools and Expertise You Need to Succeed!

Whether you are thinking of investing in residential investment properties, are a new landlord, have been in industry for a few years or are a long-term veteran landlord, in today’s challenging environment you need to make sure you have the tools and expertise you need to succeed.

You can get these premium tools and expertise for a one time fee! Yes, that’s right. A one time fee.

We are here to help and protect landlords and we are offering everything you need at the lowest cost possible to help you succeed, find great tenants, and avoid “Tenants From Hell”.

Landlords services include:

    • The Credit Check Center: Choose only the Best Tenants! How?Our Credit Check Center allows you to get premium credit check services at a huge discount from your home or office computer within minutes! With this service, you will avoid“Tenants From Hell” and find good tenants who respect you and the property.
    • The Rental Kit Center: Prepare and Protect yourself if you have to go to the Landlord and Tenant Board! Several of our most experienced and successful landlords and some of our top legal professionals have created a “Rental Kit” of documents. Original documents have been created for Landlords to download, amend as they see fit, and succeed. Furthermore, the Kit provides fast and easy access to the most regularly used Landlord and Tenant Board documents.
    • The Networking Center: Connect with other Landlords and Investors! Network with thousands of other landlord and investors on our Private Landlord Professional forum. The Forums have over 90,000 posts on 9,000 subjects regarding being a successful landlord! You are not alone, and help and friendship (and helpful advice) is available for you 24/7.
    • The Education Center: Learn industry rules, secrets and ‘tips and tricks’! Education is the key to success. Jump ahead of the line by learning from vets and pros who have been in the industry for years.
    • The Discount Center: Save Money on Key Services! Every dollar counts as a landlord, so enjoy discounts on products and services that help you succeed.
    • The Alberta Landlord Knowledge Vault: Learn a ‘turn-key’ system of how to rent out your property successfully. Hours of vital information to help you from finding tenants to solving tenant problems.

$99.99 Basic Member
One Time Registration Fee

$129.99 Protection Member
One Time Registration Fee

$199.99 Expert Member
One Time Registration Fee

$299.99 Elite Member
One Time Registration Fee

$499.99 for Services
Annual Registration Fee

$199.99 for Services
Annual Registration Fee

*All products and services and any discounts offered are from 3rd party vendors and are the sole responsibility of the vendors. Offers are subject to change without notice.  We will not assume any responsibility or liability, inferred or otherwise, regarding the products or services being offered, proposed or advertised by companies appearing here.  Any disputes you may have with any of the companies regarding their products or services must be resolved solely and directly with the particular company. For Terms of Service Registration fee is non-refundable.

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