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Beginner Services

$99.99 One Time Registration Fee

Beginner Services is the way for new landlords to start out at an extremely low cost for essential services. This service is only available for verified small residential landlords.

Here’s what you get for only a one time registration fee:

(please note this level does not include discussion forum access)



Ontario Landlords Association Rental Kit


Several of our most experienced and successful landlords have created a “Rental Kit” of documents. These documents have been created for Landlords to download, amend as they see fit, and succeed. Furthermore, the Kit provides fast and easy access to the most regularly used Landlord and Tenant Board documents.

Whether you have a condo, a basement apartment, single family home, multiplex or building the documents are designed for the Ontario residential landlords and include everything you to need to succeed and help you every step of the way!

You have access to the documents 24/7, whenever you need them, including:

Rental Applications – Protecting You, Credit Check Friendly and Following Government Regulations

Premium Leases – Premium Leases For 2017 Designed by Industry Experts

Other Documents You Need to Succeed

Notice of Entry

Room Rental Agreement

Garage Rental Agreement

Assignment of Tenancy Agreement

Subtenancy Agreement

Rental Unit Inspection Report

Intention to Renew Lease

Extension of Lease Agreement

Parking Agreement

Guarantor Form

Pet Rules Tenants Must Follow

Moving Out Rules For Tenants

Credit Information Release Form

Monthly Rental Recording Form

Guarantee of Rent

Accepting Termination

How to Write An Online Ad

Maintenance Request Form

Breach of Lease Warning

Impact Statement Against Tenants



In today’s world a handshake isn’t enough. It’s absolutely essential to do credit checks on your potential tenants. With Beginner Services you get the best companies to help you find good tenants at great prices. Please note you will have to provide proper documentation in order to follow credit bureau rules and privacy laws.


GARDA Credit Reports

The credit report is a search of a major consumer-reporting database. The results provide detailed reported including credit ratings, loans and collections outstanding. Also includes a verification of the individual identity and employment history (as recorded).

Credit Check: $12.00/Check

A full credit check is available through Transunion that includes a credit utilization rate. This additional information provides you with more information about your potential tenant. The price is less than half you would normally pay for this type of check and with basic services it means you don’t require an on-site inspection of your rental property. The results are returned within two business days.


Landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals use Tenant Selector to screen applicants and instantly get a real-time recommendation on prospective tenants from Equifax!

  • Easy – Simply enter the applicant’s name and other personal information into the system and let Tenant Selector do the work.
  • Fast – Within seconds, Tenant Selector delivers an ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ recommendation based on facts not ‘gut feel’.
  • Secure – Tenant Selector is web-based and is a proprietary tool developed by in-house technology experts at Equifax, a recognized worldwide leader in data protection and security.

Normal price: $19.99 per check

Basic services price: $10.00 per check

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TVS is a Tenant Background Check service that is easy to use, fast and efficient.  Do fast checks from your home or office computer.

TVS is a simple solution for landlords with 1 or 1,000 rental units.

Normal price: $21.58 per check

Basic services price: $10 per check!



Small Landlord Handbook

Education is the key to success. This handbook offers an overview of what it takes to be a successful landlord. It’s a great way to be introduced to the industry and to learn how to get started the ‘right way!’

Topics include:

-Your Rights And Responsibilities as a Landlord

-Background checks (including credit checks)

-Tenancy Laws

-Tenant Disputes

-How To Avoid Costly Mistakes

-Tips on How To Be a Successful Landlord

-How To Retain Tenants

-Choosing Prospective Tenants

-What Do Tenants Want?

-Checklist For A Successful Landlord