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Here are just some of the topics covered in 5 HOURS of professionally recorded material:

What do I need to do at the beginning of the tenancy?

My property isn’t really suitable for children, how can I advertise for people without kids?

After the pricey renovations, I don’t want to rent to tenants with pets. How can I do this?

How can I advertise to tenants who will pay a damage deposit?

How Can I handle renting a property that needs a lot of work done?

How much do you charge for new tenants? How does that work?

How do I know if I’m covered by the landlord/tenants laws?

What are the rules for renting out rooms?

What do I need to do to protect my tenants personal information to protect myself?

How do you refuse people on ODSP and welfare?

How do you access previous eviction records to see if the tenants have been evicted before?

What can you do if people refuse to give you their SIN number?

How do you use an applicants income to make sure they can afford the rental property?

I don’t want tenants who smoke so how can I advertise this?

I want to rent to adults only. How do you do this?

Tenants said they would get insurance but didn’t. What can I do?

Can I evict tenants for not having proper insurance that puts me at risk?

The refrigerator stopped and now the tenants demand I pay for their rotted food! What can I do?

Is there any risk in lowering rent for house that needs a lot of work?

What do you do if tenants refuse to provide their SIN number in the rental application?

What can I Landlord and Tenant Board records to see if my tenants are good or not?

I rented to a single lady and now she has her 2 kids move in. I prefer adults, so what can I do?

The tenants agreed in our lease to get tenant insurance but never got it. Can I evict them over this?

Do tenants have to get insurance for their stuff in the rental?

The tenants fridge stopped working and now they want me to pay for their groceries! Do I have to pay?

My tenants have a mini-fridge and it’s sucking power (I pay for). Can I tell them to ditch it?

My tenants lease is expiring.

What should I do How do you handle a rental that needs a lot of work done?

How much do you charge for new tenants? Where can I find eviction records?

How to you deal with tenants who refuse to over their SIN?

My tenants lease is about to expire. What is the best strategy for this?

If the tenant wants to vacate at the end of the lease do they have to give 60 days notice?

Lease is ending and tenants want to stay, can I get them to sign a new lease?

I have a 1 year lease with my tenants and do not what to renew it. Can I give them 60 days notice?

Can I require a tenant to sign a lease if the previous lease was only verbal?

Can I charge my tenant a penalty for breaking a lease?

I gave 24 hour notice to fix some things but tenants put in new locks, so what can I do?

What are the pros and cons of offering laundry services?

Tenants left with over $5000 in damages. How can we recoup our losses?

Tenants painted with our consent. It looks horrible Can we get them to repaint?

Tenants have dented the floors and refuse to fix what they broke, what now?

Tenants are moving in a couple weeks but we pay for utilities and they are leaving the air conditioner and fans and water running. Our bill is going to be crazy.  How can we deal with this?

How can we get ex-tenants to pay for the mess they left behind?

The 2nd floor a/c leaks water and is damaging the main floor as tenants won’t be careful. What can I do?

My renter has 3 kids and keeps overloading the washer and breaking it. Who is responsible for repairs?

My tenant signed saying they would get insurance. They flooded the unit and now say they forgot to get insurance. What are my rights?

Tenants agreed to take care of the lawn but didn’t and now bylaws is ordering me to do major repairs/clean up. What can I do?

How do you find tenants after they move out?

Can I deduct money from Last Months Rent for damages the renters did?

I hold a $300 damage deposit but the repairs are $700, can I demand $400 from the renter?

Renters put up a satellite dish without our permission. There is now a hole in the brick wall? Can we ask them to take it down and pay for the repair?

Utilities are included with rent. Can I raise the rent to cover my increased costs?

The tenant is behind on their bills and gas was disconnected. Am I responsible for re-connecting it?

We rent inclusive of heat and with rising prices the tenants agreed to increase rent by $50/month. Can we accept this?

The municipality said they will add the tenant’s unpaid water bill to our property taxes. What should I do?

My renters didn’t pay and the gas has been shut off. What happens if this ends up damaging my property?

Tenants left but didn’t pay the last months utility bill? How can I make them pay it?

My tenant is deducting hot water payments from the rent. I never agreed on this. What are my options?

Ex renters secretly put the utility bill back in my name and now the power company is demand I pay?

Tenants are demanding we pay for the rental fee for the hot water tank. How does this work?

After renting out inclusive of utilities for years our bills are now very high. How can I get renters to pay for what they use?

Is there a way to get tenants to go “exclusive” of power and water costs after they move in? How can I do this?

Can I change the lease to exclude electricity with assumed tenants I never agreed with?

Just bought a duplex and wondering the best way to divide hydro bills between upper and lower?

I desperately need to get the renters to pay for their own hydro use. The bills are killers. What’s the best strategy?

Our new renters are making huge noises at night. What is the best solution?

The weather is getting hot and my renters put in a bunch of air conditioners in all the rooms. How can I make them pay for the additional electricity costs?

Other tenants in my 5-plex are moving because one guy plays loud music all night. What can I do?

What is the solution when a tenant is not cleaning the crap from her dogs and other tenants are sick about it?

How do you handled tenant vs. tenant harassment?

My renters are bothering neighbours and they are not threatening me if I don’t do something as the property owner. What are my options?

What happens if a renter agrees to my no pets clause? Is this allowed?

New tenant said they had no pets but now do and are bothering other tenants. Now what?

Renter agreed to one cat in our lease and I found now she has three. Can I evict her?

I did an inspection of the uni and the renter’s pets have wrecked the carpets and laminate?

Tenant agreed to no pets as other tenants are allergic to cats. Now she brought a cat in and I have to do something as other tenants are furious.

Neighbours are angry because my renters let their dogs bark all day. What are my options?

Is there a limit to the number of pets renters can keep in the property?

What do you do if pets make the rental smell horrible?

Do I have to provide rent receipts to my renters?

We agreed the renters will put the hydro in their name but this didn’t, now what?

Do experienced landlords think it’s a good idea to give a warning letter to late paying tenants?

How do I set up where my tenant pays rent to me? What if I change my mind?

What is the LTB form when tenants owe rent?

Can I serve my renter on the first day they don’t pay rent to me?

Can we demand rent be paid only by pre-authorized deposits?

I have a date at the LTB already but the tenant paid up. What is the next step?

What do experienced landlords advise when renters don’t pay the rent and don’t answer phone calls or text messages?

What happens when the tenants deduct rent just because they say they are allowed to do so?

Found out my renter brought in a roommate. How do I charge more rent for the extra person.

What are my rights as a landlord regarding guests coming in all the time?

If the tenant’s guest stays for a month and I can prove it how do I add them to the lease and screen them?

My tenants are moving and I need to re-rent it but the place is a disaster. What can we do?

Do I have the right to enter for insurance reasons?

After providing 24 hours notice the renter has blocked me from going in. What are my rights as a landlord?

Can I enter the rental after my renter complained about the dryer now making enough heat?

How much notice is required to show the unit to new prospective renters after my tenant gave notice?

My renters are moving out but won’t leave when I’m showing the property to prospective renters? How do you make them leave as they are turning people off because they are so dirty?

She is moving out but just demanded 24 hours written notice before my real estate agent can show the property to new renters. Is this legal?

Do I have to give 24 hour notice to fix the flowerbeds and do weeding on the property?

What is the LTB form for taking pictures in the rental unit so my tenants won’t complain?

Can I just write a letter telling them I’m coming to replace the toilet or is there a form?

What is the best way to give legal notice to enter to protect myself as the landlord? I want to avoid any issues.

One renter called me and said she is worried the downstairs person is tampering with fire equipment wants me make it stop asap!

Can I tell my tenants they must provide their own smoke alarms and fire extinguishers to save myself money?

Renters have replaced my supplied smoke alarms with their own, what should I do?

I rented to a family of 5 and they get the use of the back yard. They have brought in things like a “slip and slide” and even a trampoline. Will I be responsible for any potential injuries? This is freaking me out!

I won at the LTB and have an order of owed rent of $4000. What can I do to get the money I’m owed? How do I collect from an ex-tenant who owes me $8000 in rent? He is on ODSP.

My crazy ex-renter won’t pay what he owes me despite my court order. I would like to seize his car or get paid some way. What is the best way to collect owed from from renters who have been evicted and skipped paying me?

It’s so risky being a landlord in Ontario so I sold my condo. They said they will move and I provided proper notice. But I’m still scared something bad will happen to me.

How are you experts dealing with bedbugs? I own a small apartment and it’s the old furniture they have that brings in the bugs. Do I still have to pay for the treatments? I believe all the bedbug issues are coming from one renter. And it’s causing a problem for the whole building. Can I make him pay for pest removal costs?

What is my responsibility as a landlord when tenants infest the place with bugs? I found out my renters have left the country.

My tenant was arrested. Now what? The police station won’t give me any details and I’m lost!

Renters moved out unexpectedly and now won’t answer my calls. What should I do with the stuff they left behind?

My tenants left a ton of stuff in the shed. New tenants want to use the shed, what can I do?

My tenants moved but left a huge cabinet, old sofa and chairs, mattresses and more. They are long gone so how do you get them to pay for removal?

Renters didn’t return the keys and this isn’t safe for the new renters. What do you expert landlords think is the quickest way to evict bad tenants?

My renter has told me she will move out next month, do I need to get it in writing?

I moved back to Ontario for a new job and need my rental property back. How do I do that the best way?

Our current tenant said she would leave, but now it looks unlikely..and I have already found a new tenant to move in!

Tenants lease is coming up and I don’t want to renew it. How do I do this?

My tenant wants to break his one year lease early and says it’s his ‘right’. Does my lease breaking renter have to find a new tenant to replace them?

My son needs to move in. How can I evict my current tenant?

I’m thinking of moving in and doing renovations on my house. How do I get the renter out?

I rent my house to five students. One of the students is causing problem and the others want me to get him out.

What do you do if tenants want to break a lease early?

How do you deal with guarantors? Student tenant broke the lease and I want to recoup my losses.

How can I deal with couples who split up? One is leaving and wants off the lease.

What happens when I sell my rental and the tenants are still there?

I need to hire the Sheriff for the first time and need help as it’s a complicated process.

How do you experts hand renters who did damages?

Rent To Own problems. I need to move back into the property and need them out. How do you do it?

How can you evict a bad husband and not the wife and kids who don’t want to leave?

Can we evict tenants on the basis they are under criminal investigation?

I had to use the Sheriff to evict and it’s expensive! How can I get the ex-tenants to pay for this service?

The person I rented to has moved, but I found someone now living now who claims they are friends.

I buying a property that has a renter. Can I increase their rent since I’m the new landlord?

We didn’t increase the rent before. Can we add on the years we didn’t increase it?

Neighbors are complaining my renter has an old car with no plates parked. Can I get it towed?

I just bought a new triplex. Can I add a parking fee for the existing tenants?

The tenants who moved in are now demanding a new fridge. What should I do?

How do you experts deal with angry and aggressive tenants?

My tenants keep insulting me and screaming at me. What can I do?

How do you veterans find good, high quality tradespeople?

For every little thing my tenants keep calling property standards on me. How would you handle this?

It’s clear my renters are on drugs and difficult to deal with.

My renter is a single mom who is now demanding compensation for the dryer not working 100%.

I rent my basement and the renters downstairs are making never ending constant complaints. It’s driving me nuts.

I own a condo and they need to inspect the rental unit. What is the process for me?

Constantly complaining tenants want to break the lease.

In my multiplex other tenants are complaining about one couple who cook “stinky” meals.

I was just about to sign a lease with a qualified renter and they vanished a week before the lease started.

How do you screen applicants with no previous landlords to contact?

Renters moved out but the carpets absolutely reek of cat pee. What can I do?

How do you handle renters who say they don’t have to give proper notice to you? They think the lease is worthless.

Have you experts ever lowered the rent to attract an A+ tenant?

How do you pros deal with subletting?

How do you pros deal with tenants who are moving out but leave the place is crappy condition that turns off new tenants?

My tenants keep paying late! Realistically how many N4s are needed to evict?

How do you screen applicants from outside of Ontario?

She applied to rent my basement and I rented to someone else. Now she wants all her information back and is threatening me.

How do you pros add a new rent to an existing lease?

How can I deal with an applicant who won’t even provide his date of birth?

How do you pros deal with a tenant who is clearly a hoarder?

I want to criminally charge a non-paying tenant for TRESPASSING!

Applicants on ODSP says rent is “guaranteed to be sent to me”

Can I use Last Month Rent to pay for the costs of fixing the walls and counter tops which have been damaged? What are legal ways to refuse a tenancy? Applicants demands an “explanation”.

What is the better route for non-payment of rent, the N4 or the L9?

Have you experts ever just paid a bad tenant to get out of your rental? Did it work?

New renters are demanding a new coat of paint. Do I have to do it?

How do you handle tenants who claim I ‘harassed’ them?

Smoke from one unit is leading to other renters demanding I do something. What should I do?

I have a great candidate but they can only pay first months rent, not last month. Should I rent to them?

What are the benefits of renting to students vs. the ‘general public’?

I did a credit check and see a collection agency after them. How important is this?

What type of credit scores are you demanding these days?

The check from my tenants is NSF. What should I do next?

How easy is it to raise the rent above the guideline? How can I do it?

Renters left and I’m stuck with a huge water bill.

Why is asking for “current rent” an important part of your professional tenant screening process?

How can you make sure you rent to good tenants avoid the scammers and pros who will bankrupt me?




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Chapters include:

  • How to prepare your property
  • Setting the Rent
  • Property Management
  • How to Advertise
  • How to find Great Tenants
  • How to Keep your Tenants Happy
  • What to do if You have a Problem
  • Working with Contractors
  • File Keeping





Tenant screening is vitally important for landlords. This manual will show you the ropes, and provide you with the tips and tricks veteran landlords use to only rent to good tenants.




How can you attract great tenants to your rental property? When you attract great tenants you can choose from the best (and avoid the pro tenants out there). This manual shows you how, along with some veteran tips and tricks.



The key to finding good tenants is to help them find you and your rental property. Technology is changing fast. Learn how to advertise your property and deal with the current tenant trends.


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