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Basic services is the way for new landlords to start out right with basic services at low costs for essential services.

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Rental Kit

Several of our most experienced and successful landlords have created a “Rental Kit” of documents. Original documents have been created for Landlords to download, amend as they see fit, and succeed. Furthermore, the Kit provides fast and easy access to the most regularly used Landlord and Tenant documents.

Documents include everything you to need to succeed.

  • Rental Applications
  • How to write an on-line ad
  • Tenancy Agreements/Leases
  • Lease amendment
  • Parking Lease Addendum
  • Agreement to Repair
  • Rental Unit Inspection Report
  • Subtenancy agreement
  • Tenancy assignment
  • Notice of Entry
  • Maintenance Request
  • Accepting early termination
  • Extension of lease
  • Guarantee of rent
  • Intention to renew lease
  • Accepting early termination


In this day and age of privacy and human rights laws, it’s also important to only use companies that protect you and run credit checks on tenants “the right way” (and the legal way!)  Our partners are companies highly recommended from long term, successful landlords.

Please note you will have to provide proper documentation in order to follow credit bureau rules and privacy laws.

 RENT CHECK “PREMIUM” Credit Reports

Rent Check is the recognized industry leader in the credit check and credit reporting industry in Canada. With over 30 year of experience Rent Check is the #1 choice of experienced and successful landlords. Their decades old track record speaks for itself.

Your check includes trade lines, banking records, legal details, aliases and more!  You also get access to a multi-million tenant database and can share information with other landlords on your tenant.

Experienced and successful landlords will pay to get access to the most reputable credit checks that meet all privacy guidelines to protect you and your rental business!

This is the Porsche of credit checks.

In today’s world a handshake isn’t enough. It’s absolutely essential to do credit checks on your potential tenants. Join the MLA and you get the best companies to help you find good tenants at great prices.

MEMBER PRICE: $9.95/check (no set up fee)


GARDA Credit Reports

A full credit report is available through TransUnion that includes a credit utilization rate. This additional information offers more information about your potential tenant. The price is less than half what you would usually pay for this type of check.  You don’t need an onsite inspection of your rental property.  The results are returned within two business days.

Credit Check: $12.00/Check


Landlords, property managers, and real estate professionals use Tenant Selector to screen applicants and instantly get a real-time recommendation on prospective tenants from Equifax!

  • Easy – Simply enter the applicant’s name and other personal information into the system and let Tenant Selector do the work.
  • Fast – Within seconds, Tenant Selector delivers an ‘accept’ or ‘decline’ recommendation based on facts not ‘gut feel’.
  • Secure – Tenant Selector is web-based and is a proprietary tool developed by in-house technology experts at Equifax, a recognized worldwide leader in data protection and security.

Non-member price: $19.99 per check

Basic services price: $10.00 per check



TVS is a premier Tenant Background Check service that is easy to use, fast and efficient. Do fast checks from your home or office computer.

TVS is the #1 tenant screening company in North America.

TVS is the simple solution for landlords with 1 or 1,000 rental units.

Non-member price: $21.58 per check

Basic services price: $10 per check (+ TVS set up fee)


Small landlord handbook manual

Education is the key to success. This handbook offers an overview of what it takes to be a successful landlord.

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